Frequently Asked Questions

1. How soon can my insurance start?

Depending on medical conditions, underwriting requirements, and length of policy we can request an effective date for the next business day. However, most policies start within approximately two weeks.

2. Do you cover pre-existing conditions?

Yes. We have plans that provide coverage regardless of pre-existing conditions.

3. What does my insurance cover?

This depends on which policy you choose. It is up to you. We have simple plans that cover basic needs. We also have comprehensive plans that cover doctor visits, prescriptions, hospitalization, your choice of doctors and hospitals, worldwide coverage, and dental and vision.

4. Will I have to fill out claim forms?

No. Once your policy has been issued an identification card will be mailed to you. It won't be necessary to fill out any claim forms at the doctor's office or pharmacy.

5. Is there a time commitment for the policy?

No. To provide you with complete flexibility, we have policies that renew monthly. Of course, we'd really like to have you as a satisfied customer for as long as we can help.