I'm a self-employed machinist, and I needed to get some insurance. I was waiting for another company and they were just dragging their feet. Then I heard about Health Insurance Giant. I heard the ad on the radio and I thought about calling, but I was too busy to call, and I forgot about it. Another week went by, and I heard the ad again. I stopped what I was doing and I called 866-91-GIANT and spoke with Mike Kay.

I described to him over the phone what I was looking for and when he came to me he took down all of the information he needed. I don't think he took any more than 25 minutes of my time. He called to follow up and everything was already in place—by lunchtime. I never had to call him after the first phone call. To me, that's the most important part right there. — Dan Dych - Independent Businessman

As a sports medicine physician, I know the importance of good medical coverage. Mike has handled my insurance and I have referred him to my friends and family for the past ten years. The PPOM plans and his service are excellent! — Bill Gonte, MD – Southfield, MI